How the wonder supplement of Garcinia Cambogia works?

The lessons stated in this article operated sixty percentage of hydroxycitric acid from this product extract that is unusual and compelled to calcium and potassium to improve intake. It is … Continue Reading →

Estate Planning (estate, planning, trust, attorney; tag cloud)


Estate planning is the process of organizing and setting your affairs in order when it comes to death, incapacity or impairment. What comprises somebody’s estate is everything they own and … Continue Reading →

Bringing Pets in to Sri Lanka

Bringing Pets in to Sri Lanka   Having a pet in your house eases lots of tension and just seeing their innocence and the love they shower on us makes … Continue Reading →


Street Art on Truck Art Of Pakistan

Truck art of Pakistan is a dying art as people tend not to decorate the modern trucks any more. Due to the nature of art it is hard to preserve … Continue Reading →


Truck art of Pakistan

If you travel in Pakistan especially on highways at night, you must have noticed glowing alluring art of decorating trucks and buses.  This art is traditional truck art of Pakistan, which … Continue Reading →

faisal mosque

Famous Masjid of Pakistan

A mosque is a place of worship and prayer. The word of mosque cames from Arabic name, masjid.There are thousand of mosques in all over world. A lot of mosques … Continue Reading →


Hindu and Buddhist Architectural Heritage of Pakistan Part 10

Balochistan: 1 – Kot Bala: Balochistan, a beautiful southern province of Pakistan, has also some sites listed in the category of Hindu and Buddhist architectural heritage sites in Pakistan. Kot … Continue Reading →


Hindu and Buddhist Architectural Heritage of Pakistan – Part 9

13 – Pushkalavati: Peshawar valley is full of ancient sites and Pushkalavati is among one of those that located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. This notable Hindu and … Continue Reading →


Hindu and Buddhist Architectural Heritage of Pakistan – Part 8

9 – Kashmir Smast: Kashmir Smast is actually the name of series of caves (that are known as natural limestone caves) that are the significant part of this region. This … Continue Reading →


Hindu and Buddhist Architectural Heritage of Pakistan – Part 7

5 – Butkara Stupa: Swat is another area in Pakistan which is commonly regarded as an important Buddhist Stupa holding place in the region. It is said that the Mauryan … Continue Reading →