Pakistan’s Heritage

Pakistan is situated in the region that is laced with the rich cultural heritage, traditions and values. In particular, the traditions and values in Indo-Pak are what the whole world is filled with praises of! The centuries old customs in Pakistan and India grab the attention of the natives of the other countries and they get mesmerized with the magical heritage lies in this part of the world.

The true cultural heritage of Pakistan is seen in Cholistan where the centuries old buildings, tombs, the traditional lifestyle of the natives, their distinctive values, their cultural songs to celebrate the happy moments and even the shiny-sandy deserts with camels dolling up the jamboree acts with their possessors simply hypnotize and spellbind the eyes, which bump into them.

The fertile land positioned on the enthralling terrain of the subcontinent, Pakistan is utterly affluent in its heritage and widely popular and visited by the foreigners due to its well-heeled eye-pleasing locales, traditions, monuments and historical buildings.

The historical places such as Harappa, Moenjodoro and to name a few have their own characteristic worth being laced with the richer heritage to rave big about.
The tombstones add more values to the prosperous heritage of Pakistan. The tombs of mughal kings and queens, the gardens, lakes, hill stations, rivers, valleys and unique cultural events and fiestas of each area – they all are breath-taking and instantly captivate the souls.

Each city of Pakistan has its own heart-warming and eye-candy rich heritage. The country is adorned with the sparkles of its cultural heritage in abundance.
At, the visitors are conferred with in-depth details of the heritage of Pakistan focusing on the Indus Civilization, Gandhara Civilization, Islamic Period, Sikh Period, British Period and Post Independence Period apart from the other aspects of the enthralling traditions. The details are dished out with media (audio-visuals) and pictures to get the viewer sink into the magic.