About Balochi Literature

Balochi literature is also much rich and affluent. Balochistan is the province of Pakistan but in actual, Balochistan is a country divided among three countries – Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. Balochi is quite famous language and is communicated heavily in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. In addition to these countries, Balochi is also spoken in India, the Arab Gulf States, Turkmenistan and East Africa.

During the 19th century, Balchi began to be penned. Initially the language was penned in Latin alpahebt using the spelling system worked out by the British linguists. Following the independence of Pakistan in 1947, Balochi scholars adopted the script called Perso-Arabic to write Balochi language. Balochi is also penned with a version of the Arabic script based around the Pashto in Afghanistan.

Balochi literature consists of classical literary legacy, ballads and folk songs. Recently this literature got prominence in Pakistan and even around the world.


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