About Birth Rites


In a Muslim family, there happen to be several Islamic customs relevant to the birth of a kid. And these special traditions are well performed on the day of birth and after 7th day of the birth of the kid. The father of the kid says Azaan (prayer) in the right ear of the newborn kid whereas Iqamah is delivered in the left ear of the kid.

Honey or pulp of a soft date is rubbed on the gums of the baby while the baby is born. It is Sunnat. Muslims do it. This is widely famous with the name of ‘Ghutti’. There are certain rites, which are performed after the seventh day of the newborn baby’s birth. Aqeeqah is performed. It is sacrifice made for the newly born kid. On the seventh day after the birth, two sheep for boy and one sheep for the girl is sacrificed on the seventh day after the birth of the baby.

This meat is then distributed among the relatives, neighbors and poor. After the sacrifice is done, the kid’s head is then shaved. The head’s hair are then weighed and the equivalent weight in silver gets conferred in charity. Then the Muslim boys are circumcised when they get seven days old. Till the seventh day, the baby’s name is selected.



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