About Funeral Rites


It is a firm belief of the Muslims that death happens to be a departure from this temporary life of this world followed an eternal life which will happen after the Day of Judgment. The person who is dying is encouraged to recite Kalama (Muslims’ declaration of faith). After the person dies, the body of the deceased then gets bathed and wrapped with a clean white shroud.

The religion Islam refrains the people to go for wailing and screaming. Then the prayer for funeral is offered. It is called ‘Namaz-e-Janaza’ in Urdu and led by the Imam and held outdoors. The deceased person’s face is turned to the right to Mecca. The Muslims in Pakistan have a few customs done for the deceased person like soyem or qul (4th day after death), novin (9th day after death), chehlum or chaliswaan (40th day after death), they are held in the country.

The bereaved family in all of these events recites the Quranic verses and offer prayers and dua to Allah Almighty to forgive the deceased person and have mercy on him/her. These events are also termed ‘Khatam’ or ‘Quran Khawani’.

On these events, it has turned to be a custom to cook food to distribute among people and offer the people to eat who come.



  1. I teach adult students. An older Pakistani woman recently lost her grandson, and has been absent. The class, which contains students from many countries, is considering taking up a collection to give to her, as that is the custom in many of their countries. Would the presentation of a small amount of money be accepted by a Pakistani or would it cause any offense? The lady is question is fairly well educated and has been in the US for a few years.


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