About Islamic Period


Eventually, Islam came to this part of the world as early as 712 A.D. emerging from the west with the Arab with General Muhammad Bin Qasim and amidst the 10th century A.D. from the north with the Turk Sultan called Mahmud of Ghaznah (widely famous as Mahmud Ghaznavi).

Islam took along the new philosophy of faith in one God worshipping one God letting the people be aware of not worshiping the idols. Islam brought the new culture in this part straight from Arabia and Central Asia. Therefore a new kind of architecture got introduced. It was witnessed that tens of thousands of mosques, madrassas, tombs and gardens got constructed and created by the Muslim rulers across the sub-continent. The influence of Muslim rulers was seen in the architecture and their food added a variety of newer dishes to the cuisines of the sub-continent. Pakistan’s national dress ‘Shalwar Kameez’ has also been gifted from the Muslims of Turks.

Muslim rulers’ mother tongue was Arabic, Turkish and Farsi (Persian), thus it got natural that the local languages of the sub-continent got hugely influenced by them and then a new language came into being. Therefore, it is called that the biggest contribution of the Muslim rulers to this land is obviously a new language called ‘Urdu’ that turned out to be the national language of Pakistan since the independence of the country in 1947.



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