About Punjabi literature and folklores

Let’s look at the Punjabi literature and folklore. Since the middle ages, Punjabi has been in use and has traditional values. The first written traces of Punjabi language had been traced in 13th Century in the poetry and works of Baba Farid Shkar Ganj (d. 1265). By the time the 16th century came, Punjabi started getting noticed and found its roots when the poets like Peelo came to pen the works in this language. Peelo was also famous for hus metrical romance Mirza Sahiban, the romance classic.

The first most Punjabi literary figure happened to be Madhu Lal Hussain of Lahore (d. 1593) who was the biggest admirer of beauty and used the symbolism of native folk tales.

Madhu Lal’s contemporary, Damodar was the first major poet who versified the famous tragedy of Heer Ranjha. Then came in Sultan Bahu (d. 1691) who wrote the masterpieces of Punjabi poetry and folk tales in Punjabi. Then came in Baba Bullhe Shah (d. 1758), who is still considered to be the greatest poet of Punjabi literature. Then came in Waris Shah and others by the end of the 18th century.

Punjabi became the sacred language for the Sikhs. Baba Guru Nanak’s poetry made this language more prominent and gorgeous and the Sikhs started writing it in Gurmukhi characters.

Today Punjabi literature is read and liked but it could not nonetheless gain the importance as taken by Urdu.


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