About Urs


Urs is a terminology derived from the Arabic language meaning wedding or marriage. It appears to be the annual memorial of the death anniversary of the Sufi saints.

In this part of the world in particular and even in the entire world where the Urs is observed, it is observed as the death anniversary of the Sufi saint in the spirit of dedication laced with the entertainment quotient.

If seen in mystic methodology, this thing represents the amalgamation of the Sufi saints with the Divine. In Pakistan, wherever the Urs happens, it brings up the entertainment quotient as well for the masses. In Urs mela (carnivals), children are found enjoying with the swings whereas the elders and the adults visit it happily and stalls are witnessed there. People place the stalls of sweets, toys and the other things and masses come and buy. There happen big joyful carnivals at the Urs of Sufis.

The graves of the Sufi saints are decorated with flowers and coverings. The people come and put chadars on the graves as tribute to them.

Langar (food for poor) is distributed there, which poor eat. The ones who belive in mysticism dance devoutly with the beats of drums. This dance is widely famous as Dhamaal.



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