Truck art of Pakistan

If you travel in Pakistan especially on highways at night, you must have noticed glowing alluring art of decorating trucks and buses.  This art is traditional truck art of Pakistan, which … Continue Reading →


Qawwali in Pakistan

Qawwali is the devotional music that really soothes the souls and hearts. It has spongy and mellifluous effects on human. Listening Qawwali provides the peace of mind and comfort from … Continue Reading →


Pop/Rock Music in Pakistan

Pop music is colossally heard across the globe and the younger generation would love to get injected this music into their ears. This music gels well with the youngsters on … Continue Reading →


Milli Naghmay and Patriotic Songs in Pakistan

Milli Naghmay and patriotic songs are quite churned out and heard in Pakistan. On the particular occasions like Pakistan’s Independence Day, Pakistan Day or any other, the importance of Milli … Continue Reading →


Ghazal singing in Pakistan

Ghazal gayeki is on high heels in Pakistan and even has been emerging as the soothing genre of music in Pakistan since the outset. People of Pakistan, even in this … Continue Reading →


Folk Music in Pakistan

Pakistan is quite rich in folk music. The folk music of Pakistan is heard and adored all over the world. The folk music represents each province of Pakistan since it … Continue Reading →


Pakistani Film Music

Where the music is heard quite a lot in Pakistan, the Pakistani film’s music too gets the hearing. Although in the past or decades back, this music had the worth … Continue Reading →


Languages Spoken in Pakistan

The fruition and the enhancement of any language depends on the development and progress of a society where that particular language is spoken. Different attacks and triumphs which happen on … Continue Reading →

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About Urs

Urs is a terminology derived from the Arabic language meaning wedding or marriage. It appears to be the annual memorial of the death anniversary of the Sufi saints. In this … Continue Reading →


Chand Raat

Chand Raat is the festival which is quite popular in the world and its celebrations is what must never be missed at all. Muslims celebrate the Eid-Ul-Fitr after the month … Continue Reading →