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Paratha is the most famous food item of Pakistan. It is something of a chappati (roti). Paratha is made with floor and cooked with oil. Normally it is eaten in … Continue Reading →


Landhi, the dish of whole lamb

Landhi too happens to be the dish of the prominent province of Pakistan, Balochsitan. The Baclochi people would love to eat Landhi (whole lamb) and khadi kabab a lot. Its … Continue Reading →


Sajji, a dish of Balochistan

Sajji is the most famous dish of the province of Balochistan. Although it is the dish of Balochistan, but is equally eaten and famous all over the country. Sajji consists … Continue Reading →


Nihari, a scrumptious dish

Nihari is much popular and all the rage dish among the citizens of Pakistan and even in India as well. It is a stew made from the meat of beef … Continue Reading →


Doner Kababs and other kinds of Kababs in Pakistan

In Turkish language, the meaning of Doner Kabab is ‘rotating meat’. The slices of the lamb or chicken’s meat are taken and then slowly roasted on the vertically positioned rotating … Continue Reading →

Disk  Shashlyk & Barbecue

Sish Kabab, the royal dish

Sish Kabab is much famous dish that contains the small cubes of meat which are threaded on a skewer which are then grilled or roasted. The serving of Sish Kabab … Continue Reading →


Kabab, a tasty food to relish with

Kabab are widely eaten in Pakistan. This spicy food is loved to eat and included in dish. This is seen in parties, weddings and even in routine food. Kabab is … Continue Reading →


Shab Deg Kashmiri Roghan Josh, Kashmiri popular dish

Shab Deg Kashmiri Roghan Josh is really scrumptious. It is seen that Kashmiri cuisines are more or less made of meat. It is said that this dish called Shab Deg … Continue Reading →


Korma, the deliciously lip-smacking dish

Korma is the dish, which is utterly mouth watering and delicious. It lets the people simply eat it crazily since it is much tasty and if cooked with skillfully, it … Continue Reading →


All about Dishes

Dishes eaten in Pakistan would be described below. The below mentioned dishes are really mouth watering and appear to be scrumptious. These happen to be laced with spices, which chill … Continue Reading →