Baluch’s Folklores

Baluch’s folklores and myths of Balochistan comprise the verbal tradition from which Baloch’s history gets drawn. The folklores show the physical and moral abilities of the Baluch – their skills shown in war, endurance power and geneoristy. The folklores and tales of Baluchs also show the darker side focusing on covertness and their overpowering passion for revenge.

These folk tales and folklores mostly shows the time between 15th and 16th centuries and that time happened to be the golden era of Baluchs though this time was of war between the Rinds and the Lasharies.

Both these tribes were from the common forefather Amir Jalal Khan of Siestan. And it remains the fact that most of the Baluch’s tales and folklores relate to his period.

It is witnessed that the Jat women are focused prominently in the Baluchi folklores. These Jat women are praised for their beauty, spirits and independence.


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