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Famous Masjid of Pakistan

A mosque is a place of worship and prayer. The word of mosque cames from Arabic name, masjid.There are thousand of mosques in all over world. A lot of mosques … Continue Reading →


Post Independence Period of Pakistan

On the world map, Pakistan was shown on 14th August 1947. By the time of the birth, Pakistan was divided into two parts – widely famous as East and West … Continue Reading →


The Sikhs Existence (1762-1849 A.D.)

The Sikhs’ establishment was witnessed in the Punjab after the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir passed away in 1707. After his death, the whole country saw the number of changes through … Continue Reading →


Something about the British Period (1857 – 1947)

Prior to the independence of Pakistan, this land was the part of the Britishers and got included in the British Empire for around 100 years. Thus the culture and the … Continue Reading →


About Islamic Period

Eventually, Islam came to this part of the world as early as 712 A.D. emerging from the west with the Arab with General Muhammad Bin Qasim and amidst the 10th … Continue Reading →


A cursory view at Gandhara Civilization

Pakistan is that eye-pleasing and heritage-wise rich land, which allured Alexander the great from Macedonia in 326 B.C. with whom the Greek culture’s influence had come along to this land … Continue Reading →


A look at Indus Valley Civilization

This land has also seen the wonderfully splendid time of the Indus Valley Civilization nearly 8000 years B.C. when the first most village got traced at Mehrgarh in the Sibi … Continue Reading →



Cultural legacy happens to be the bequest of physical objet d’art and intangible attributes of a group or society inherited from the past generations maintained in the current time and … Continue Reading →