Street Art on Truck Art Of Pakistan

Truck art of Pakistan is a dying art as people tend not to decorate the modern trucks any more. Due to the nature of art it is hard to preserve … Continue Reading →


Truck art of Pakistan

If you travel in Pakistan especially on highways at night, you must have noticed glowing alluring art of decorating trucks and buses.  This art is traditional truck art of Pakistan, which … Continue Reading →

faisal mosque

Famous Masjid of Pakistan

A mosque is a place of worship and prayer. The word of mosque cames from Arabic name, masjid.There are thousand of mosques in all over world. A lot of mosques … Continue Reading →


Hindu and Buddhist Architectural Heritage of Pakistan – Part 8

9 – Kashmir Smast: Kashmir Smast is actually the name of series of caves (that are known as natural limestone caves) that are the significant part of this region. This … Continue Reading →


Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamen, a real lip-smacking sweet dish, is called the delicacy of Pakistan. It is made from milk dough. It consists of milk solids. It is fried in oil and … Continue Reading →


Kheer (Rice Pudding)

Kheer is the rice pudding and is the sweet dish that is really mouth watering. Everybody would love to eat it. Kheer is the creamy rice pudding which is flavored … Continue Reading →


Sweet Dishes

Sweet dishes are much eaten in the entire world. In Pakistan too, they are eaten a lot normally after the meals. Sweet dishes are served at various occasions as well. … Continue Reading →



Samosa is widely common snack item in Pakistan. It is eaten hugely by the masses. Whenever the atmosphere gets cool or the rain starts pouring down, the people simply get … Continue Reading →



Pakora is lip smacking food item in Pakistan. People simply would love to eat since it is much spicy. It is mostly eaten with tea or coffee but in normal … Continue Reading →



Snacks are too much eaten with liking in Pakistan. Snacks are what are eaten with evening tea or night tea normally. Normally they are served to guests but people nonetheless … Continue Reading →