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Kathak Dancing, a Classical Form of Story Telling

Kathak dance is the one dance which is handsomely famous in every part of the world. Although it is performed in India and Pakistan, but it has fan following and … Continue Reading →


Kafir Dances, the dance of Kalash Valley

The Kafir Dance is performed in the hill station of Pakistan, ‘Kalash’ – the much eye-pleasing, heart-hitting and stupendously gorgeous locale to be there. The residents of the place love … Continue Reading →


Sammi dance about Princess Sammi

Sammi happens to be another folk Punjabi dance having it strapping worth in the country. It is performed mainly by the women. Sammi is a slow dance having the slower … Continue Reading →


Luddi, a dance of celebration

Luddi dance’s popularity is much higher in Pakistan, India and even in the entire world due to the Pakistanis and Indians’ residing there in foreign lands. In actual, this is … Continue Reading →


Kikli, the dance cum song for long life of males

Kikli happens to be the dance that is performed by the young girls in the province of Punjab. In Kikli, the young girls sing songs for the long life of … Continue Reading →


Jhoomar, the lyrical dance

Jhoomar is a coveted dance of the country. This word ‘Jhoomar’ has come from the word ‘Jhoom’. Its meaning is swaying. The Jhoomar happens to be a folk dance that … Continue Reading →


Ho Jamalo, the electrifying Sindhi song cum dance

Ho Jamalo, it is also called Hey Jamalo. It is much famous dance and is quite popular in the world like Gidda. Ho Jamalo happens to be a Sindhi dance … Continue Reading →

Indian students perform a Punjabi giddha

Gidda, the famous dance of Punjab

Gidda happens to be the famous folk dance of the province of Punjab. In this form of dance, the girls and women gather and make the circle to dance while … Continue Reading →


Dance of Cholistan

Cholistan is the most famous city of Pakistan and the traditional values of Cholistan are what are cherished and adored by the people of Pakistan and the world. The travelers … Continue Reading →


Dhamal, the dance of ecstasy

Dhamal is that form of dance that is performed by the dancer when he or she is usually in the state of ecstasy. This dance is performed on the occasion … Continue Reading →