Baluch’s Folklores

Baluch’s folklores and myths of Balochistan comprise the verbal tradition from which Baloch’s history gets drawn. The folklores show the physical and moral abilities of the Baluch – their skills … Continue Reading →

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About Balochi Literature

Balochi literature is also much rich and affluent. Balochistan is the province of Pakistan but in actual, Balochistan is a country divided among three countries – Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. … Continue Reading →


A Look at Urdu Literature

Urdu Literature happens to be the much spongy, mellifluous and rich literature having a long history along. The Urdu Literature dates back to 13th century. It started oozing out in … Continue Reading →


Pashtun Folklores

The Folklores of Pasthun (Pakistan) are much famous in the country and across the globe. The masses get allured and dragged to them. The magic of these folklores too like … Continue Reading →

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The spongy Folklores of Punjab

The fact remains that the culture and legacy of Punjab province is alluringly rich and affluent in all manners. This is the reason that whosoever comes across Punjab for once … Continue Reading →


About Punjabi literature and folklores

Let’s look at the Punjabi literature and folklore. Since the middle ages, Punjabi has been in use and has traditional values. The first written traces of Punjabi language had been … Continue Reading →


Pakistan and Its Regional Literatures and Folklores

Pakistan is the land that is quite colorful and alluring. The eye-pleasing locales and the rich traditions and customs attract the foreigners and the languages of Pakistan are much colorful … Continue Reading →


A look at Pakistani Literature

Literature of Pakistan is quite rich and the Urdu literature is what is much famous in the entire world. It has produced many gems. The likes of Pakistani literatures – … Continue Reading →


Languages spoken in Northern Areas of Pakistan

There are a number of languages spoken in the northern areas of Pakistan. And most of the languages spoken in the northern areas belong to the Dardic group of Indo-Iranian … Continue Reading →


The details of Balochi languages

Balochi is the language of Pakistan that is widely spoken in Balochistan, Sindh and Southern Punjab. Balochi is not only spoken in Pakistan but it also transcends to other countries … Continue Reading →