Punjabi language spoken in Pakistan

There are a number of languages spoken in the largest province of the country, Punjab. Punjabi happens to be the provincial language of Punjab. The facts and figures tells that … Continue Reading →


Sindhi language

Sindhi language’s history is as old as hills. It dates back to 2000 years. It is believed that this language is laced with the strong base of Prakit and Sanskrit. … Continue Reading →


Pashtoo Language

Pashto too is widely spoken language in Pakistan. It is the language of the Pashtuns who live in Afghanistan and western parts of Pakistan. Pashto is spoken and communicated in … Continue Reading →


English, as an Official Language of Pakistan

English, though is an international language and spoken and communicated around the globe, also happens to be the official language of Pakistan. English has set its feet all over Pakistan … Continue Reading →


National Language of Pakistan, Urdu

Often people think that from where Urdu has been derived from? The term Urdu got derived from the Turkish word ‘ordu’. The meaning of ‘ordu’ is camp or army. This … Continue Reading →


Languages Spoken in Pakistan

The fruition and the enhancement of any language depends on the development and progress of a society where that particular language is spoken. Different attacks and triumphs which happen on … Continue Reading →