Tabla, the classy instrument with sugary taals

Tabla is that musical instrument that is widely used in Indian and Pakistani classical music and also used in other musical genres as well. This is undoubtedly the classical instrument … Continue Reading →


Shehnai, the marriage processions’ instrument

Shehnai is a mellifluous instrument and has its own worth among the instruments. It is widely popular and played in wedding ceremonies like marriage processions. Shehnai is also heard in … Continue Reading →


Sarangi, a classy instrument of classical music

Sarangi is the musical instrument that is played hugely and has worth in Indo-Pak in particular. It is also played around the globe but in this region, it has the … Continue Reading →


Sitar, the most prominent instrument of South Asia

Sitar has been the most recognizable and prominent musical instrument in the entire South Asia. This instrument has the higher worth in Indo-Pak in particular since it has been endowing … Continue Reading →


Santoor, a Kashmiri instrument

Santoor is a spongy instrument that injects soothing pleasures in the ears. Once you bump into the instrument, you cannot help leaving the sounds behind. You get magically caught into … Continue Reading →


Rubab, a traditional musical instrument

Rubab is the musical instrument that has strapping worth in Pakistani traditional music. It is played widely all over the country. Even in tribal and rural area, Rubab playing exists … Continue Reading →


Dhol, the high pitched instrument

Dhol happens to be a percussion and musical instrument vastly in use in the subcontinent in all forms of music whether it is pop or traditional music, dhol’s sounds take … Continue Reading →


Harmonium, a classy saccharine instrument

Harmonium is classy musical instrument and most of the time, its playing is found and done in classical singing and classical performances. It is a free-standing musical keyboard that was … Continue Reading →


Guitar with boisterous strings

Guitar is supremely famous musical instruments among today’s youth. Every other youngster is found getting laced with Guitar. They are much passionate about playing the strings of guitar. Since the … Continue Reading →


Drums with electrifying sounds

Drum happens to be a well sounded musical instrument. This one is the one instrument that raises the spirits and energy level among the masses. People start tapping the feet … Continue Reading →