Something about Dholak

Dholak or Dholki is the instruments, which has the traditional value in our culture. This instrument is used quite higher all over the country. Dholaki in particular is the one … Continue Reading →


Chimta, a sharp musical instrument

Chimta is the main musical instrument, which is quite often used in the compositions churned out for Punjabi music in particular in Bhangra music. There are a number of famous … Continue Reading →


Been, an electrifying instrument

Been is the instrument that is quite often used in the musical arrangements but its major use has been witnessed and is seen with the snake charmers, who play it … Continue Reading →


Bansari (Flute), a magical saccharine instrument

Bansari, which is called Flute in English, is an instrument that has very alluringly attention grabbing, heart-warming and soul arresting sound. It is made of a bamboo stick with 6-7 … Continue Reading →


Algoza, a spongy instrument

Algoza is a spongy instrument with melodious sounds. This made with woodwind musical instrument is also called jori or ngoza. Algoza happens to be a pair of wooden flutes.


Musical Instruments Used in Pakistan

Music has quite a good worth in Pakistan. And this land has produced so many talented musicians, singers and the music personalities to rave big about! People do have ear … Continue Reading →