Markhor, National Animal of PakistanMarkhor, National Animal of Pakistan

Pakistan’s animal is none other than Markhor. Markhor belongs to the goat family and possesses the unique spiral horns. Marrkhor, the word, has been taken from the Persian language like … Continue Reading →


Allama Muhammad Iqbal, National Poet of Pakistan

Iqbal’s poetry is what still impresses the people in India and Pakistan even all over the world. His poetry was what gave the boost to the people to fight for … Continue Reading →

sugar cane juice

Sugarcane, National Juice of Pakistan

The national juice of Pakistan is sugarcane juice. Every country is laced with own national juice though the citizen whether prefer to drink or not put there happens to be … Continue Reading →


Chakor, Pakistan’s National Bird

Red-legged partridge, Chakor, happens to be the national bird of Pakistan. Chakor is the bird that belongs to the pheasant family. Chakor is an ashy pink brown partridge having bigger … Continue Reading →


Pakistan’s National TreePakistan’s National Tree

Deodar is the national tree of Pakistan. Deodar is called Cedrus Deodara. How this name ‘Deodar’ came? Well, this has been derived from Sanskrit. Deodar got derived from Sanskrit name … Continue Reading →

Pakistan Costume

National Dress of Pakistan

National dress is what that represents and lets the world know about the particular country. Every country has its own distinct costume to represent and the same Pakistan has. Pakistan’s … Continue Reading →


State Emblem of Pakistan

Every country in the world has its own symbol or emblem that acts as an authorized seal to represent the government or the state. Pakistan too has its own symbol … Continue Reading →


The National Sport of Pakistan

The national game of Pakistan is hockey and this is the game which is played between the two teams competing with each other to maneuver a ball into the opponent’s … Continue Reading →


National Flower of Pakistan

Another symbol of Pakistan is the national flower. Well, the national flower of the country is Jasmine or Chambeli, which is called the national flower of Pakistan.


Pakistan’s National Anthem

Like every country has its own anthem, Pakistan has its own as well and the anthem of Pakistan is the one that simply allures the hearts and mesmerizes the souls. … Continue Reading →