Chand Raat


Chand Raat is the festival which is quite popular in the world and its celebrations is what must never be missed at all. Muslims celebrate the Eid-Ul-Fitr after the month of fasting ‘Ramdhan’ after sighting the moon of Shawwal. The moon of Shawwal makes the official announcement of the end of the Holy month of Ramdan.

What is Chand Raat? Well it happens on the night of moon sighting (29th or 30th Ramdan) and this occasion is called Chand Raat. After the moon if sighted, the celebration sees no boundaries then for the Muslims even the whole country. Excitement and greetings start following.

The youngsters are found engaging in exploding the fire crackers and come into jubilating.  People come out on the roads and go to relatives and friends’ homes to greet them the Chand Raat Mubarak.

It is also the last minute’s shopping on Chand Raat. People come out in abundance to shop for the Eid. Men, women and kids all are found in the markets with bigger smiles on face.

Girls apply henna on hands to mark the bigger celebrations and wear the bangles with happiness. Sweet dishes are cooked on this occasion.



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