Cinema Billboard Art in Pakistan

Cinema Billboard Art is seen in Pakistan as well. How this art developed into? This was emerged in the era of 90s the time when the two phenomena’s of the visual arts and cinema coalesced together so as to bring out the new form of art termed ‘Cinema Billboard Art’. It is said that the cinema billboards form the essential part of the cityscape in the subcontinent and it remains the fact that no cinema building gets complete without them.

These billboards are painted by hands and are designed and manufactured for the sake of advertising and the screening of the film.

The materials, which are used in paintings, include: Boards of size 10 x 12 or 10 x 10.These boards are made of tin sheets on wooden beams. For the paintings, the enamel paints are used.

The artists who paint the billboards first get the pictures of the models supplied by the producers and then the paintings get done.

Now the cinema billboard painting has now taken the back seat after the arrival of the new generation of the digital billboards.


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