Cinema industry in Pakistan

Cinema is that form of arts and the medium which is quite common among the masses and all and sundry would love to enjoy with not only in Pakistan but also all over the world. Cinema in Pakistan developed much later than in other countries. A.R Kardar a.k.a Mianji and M. Esmail can be called the forefathers of the cinema in Pakistan. When they began this trade, that was the time of silent films in 20s and 30s. The film used to be made with hand operated cameras churning out nine or ten reelers at the cost of Rs. 15,000.

By the time, 30s era came, the sound in the movie was introduced. The talents like Rafi Ghaznavi, Anwari, Bibbo, Saleem Raza, Najmul Hassan, Ragni, and music director Ghulam Haider were witnessed in Lahore. The names like Master Nisar and Kajan, though working in Bombay or Calcutta, emerged being the legendary in the subcontinent.  The biggies of Urdu literature – Agha Hashr Kashmiri, Hakim Ahmed Shuja, Imtiaz Ali Taj and Abdur Rahman Chugtai, these people were associated with cinema.

In 1947, the cinema in Lahore emerged as a lucrative industry. There were six film studios in Lahore at that time and out of them, four got burnt and looted. The prominent filmmakers, who initiated the cinema industry in Pakistan, A.R Kardar and Mehboob Khan then made their way back to Bombay being disappointed.

But the ones like W.Z.Ahmad and Shaukat Hussain Rizvi made their stay here. Since that time onwards, the cinema industry in Pakistan has seen dramatic progress. Then came the time of color films. The cinema got much popular in Pakistan and it stayed progressive and many stars became superstars like Nadeem, Sultan Rahi, Waheed Murad and others.

But for last many years, the cinema industry has lost the scope because of the incapable people in the industry and the poor subjects to make the movies on. The talents artists have gone to small industry. Now the cinemas have turned to theaters and shopping malls. Eralier it used to be made around 40 films a year and now hardly any are churned out and the ones, which are made typically, carry the mundane subjects of Gandasa, Kalashankauf and the likes.

Lahore is the hub of film industry called Lollywood.

The film festivals are arranged in Pakistan like Kara film festival taken place in Pakistan.

The prominent movies of Lollywood include Masoom, Roshni, Saheli, Koyel, Girebaan, Zid, Jeenay nahi doun gi, Yeh dil aap ka howa, Nikkah, Chooriyaan, Khuda ke liye, Salma, Kundan and But Tarash.


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