Dandia or Donka dance in Pakistan

Dandia or Donka is much famous dance form in the subcontinent. It is widely performed in both countries India and Pakistan though it has gained more repute in India than Pakistan. They have mixed it up in their culture and it appears to be their cultural dance now.

Dhandia happened to be a war dance of southern Baluchistan in Lasbela district. The performers used to dance with swords and shields, later these items turned to sticks. The dancers in this dance wear small bells above their ankles. They make the dancing moves round the drummer and shehnai player who stand in the center. Then each dancer starts beating his sticks together and making swirling in circles.

Then they beat the sticks of their partners by moving in circles all the while. Then they cross and exchange the places. Then all the dancers form a sort of bridge with the use of their sticks while the alternate dancers keep on dancing between by creating the running circles with moving bridges.


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