Dhol, the high pitched instrument

Dhol happens to be a percussion and musical instrument vastly in use in the subcontinent in all forms of music whether it is pop or traditional music, dhol’s sounds take their place in orchestra. The player of this instrument brings the magic among the listeners. On the wedding ceremonies, the beats of dhol grace the happy occasion. It is often witnessed that on the wedding events in particular Mehndi and Barat, everyone likes to bring in the dhol players so that the electrifying noise of the instrument can play magic and mesmerize the ones out there and in the end, every soul starts tapping the feet along with the beats.

Dhol is mostly used in the Punjabi bhangra. Dhol is a large and bigger musical instrument that produces the loud bass.

This instrument is a barrel-shaped double headed wooden drum getting laced with the membranes made of the goatskin. One side of the dhol plays the high pitches whereas the other makes the deep sound when beaten with a larger curved stick.

The player of dhol plays it with two wooden sticks made of bamboo or cane wood.

Player of the instrument put the dhol on the neck and then plays it. In the rural areas of the country, dhol also acts to make the announcements targeted to public.



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