Famous Masjid of Pakistan

A mosque is a place of worship and prayer. The word of mosque cames from Arabic name, masjid.There are thousand of mosques in all over world. A lot of mosques are really famous for their structure, architectural, and history. As Muslims used to build other architectural masterpieces. The beautiful mosque shows the greatness and glory of Muslims around the world.

1. Faisal Masjid,Islamabad:

faisal mosque

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan is famous all over the world for the beautiful Faisal Masjid which is located in the city’s northernmost area. Beside its beautiful architectural structure, Faisal Masjid is also recognized as the largest Masjid not only in Pakistan but also in South Asia. Another record of this Masjid is that it is the third largest Masjid across the globe. Faisal Masjid has been built on overall 54,000 sq. ft. It was built in cooperation of Saudi Arabian government and therefore, was named after their then King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz. The prayer hall of this largest Masjid of Pakistan is in one massive triangle shape. More or less 300,000 worshipers can offer their prayer in this Masjid at a time.

2. Badshahi Masjid,Lahore:


Badshahi Masjid is located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan which is also known as the second largest Masjid in this South Asian country. You can name it as the King’s Masjid or Emperor’s Masjid. This historical, beautiful architectural structure holder Masjid was built by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir in 1671. This is truly a symbol of Mughal Empire’s glory and greatness in the region. The courtyard of Badshahi Masjid is of around 278,784 sq ft and around 110,000 worshipers can offer their prayer in this Masjid at a time.

3. Tooba Masjid,Karachi:

Masjid e Tooba

If you ever plan a visit to Karachi, don’t forget visiting Tooba Masjid which is the most beautiful and largest Masjid in the city. This beautiful Masjid was started building in 1969. Tooba Masjid is also recognized as the Gol Masjid in locals. More or less 5,000 worshipers can offer prayer in Tooba Masjid. Gol Masjid has a world record of holding the largest single dome in the world. The overall diameter of this Masjid is 236 ft which has been built beautifully using white marble and top-level specially prepared material. Tooba Masjid has only one minaret of 70 meter height.

4. Mohabbat Khan Masjid,Peshawar:

Peshawar is another historical city of Pakistan, located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwan Province. Besides its historical background, Peshawar is also famous for Mohabbat Khan Masjid which is another architectural greatness of Mughal Emperor. Mohabbad Khan Masjid started building in 1670 which was named after the governor of the area of that time i.e. Nawab Mohabbat Khan. He served as the governor of Peshawar at that time for Mughal Empire. The ablution pond of Masjid Mohabbat Khan looks amazing in the center.

5. Eid Gah Masjid,Multan:

Eid gah

Multan is among very few cities in the world that are recognized as the center of Muslim’s glory in different regions. There are many beautiful Muslim architectural structures in Multan and Eid Gah Masjid is one of them which is located on Multan-Lahore highway. The construction of Masjid Eid Gah, Multan was started by Nawab Abdul Samad Khan in 1735 who was serving in Mughal Empire as the governor of Multan at that time. More or less 2,000 worshipers can fit in this Masjid to offer their prayers. It is among very few orthodox design Masajids in Pakistan. Fusing clay, chalk stone and marble was used in construction of Eid Gah Masjid.

6. Wazir Khan Masjid:


Majid Wazir Khan is another excellent example of Muslim glory and greatness in Pakistan which was built in 1634-35. Sheikh Ilmuddin of Chiniot constructed this beautiful Masjid who was serving for Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan as the governor of Lahore. The Masjid holds around 10 kanal area. Some part of this Masjid was lateron spared inside the courtyard area for the mausoleum of earlier Tughlaq period seer Syed Muhammad Ishaq. The inner frescos of Masjid Wazir Khan has been built in rich Indian red which is a rare material used in this South Asian region which is mainly of Persian and Punjabi fresco styles. This Masjid has octagonal minarets and the height of each minaret is same i.e. 100 ft.

7. Suneri Masjid,Lahore:

Suneri Masjid is another great example Mughal Empire’s beautiful architectural structures in sub-continent region. This beautiful, historical Masjid was created with golden tomb and minaret tops by Nawab Syed Bhikari Khan in 1735. He was serving Mughal Empire as the deputy governor of Lahore when this Masjid was constructed. You can still visit this Masjid in the middle of Kashmir bazaar, Lahore. The length of the beautiful gateway of Suneri Masjid is around 21meters. It has been built with beautiful marble. It has three domes.

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