Folk Music in Pakistan


Pakistan is quite rich in folk music. The folk music of Pakistan is heard and adored all over the world. The folk music represents each province of Pakistan since it carries the flavor of the particular province. It is laced with specific sur and mode of singing which makes it distinctive among the others.

Folk music is the representation of the culture of the people of the province. In urban circuits, folk music has now developed its place. Tappa, Sammi, mahiya, gidda, jugni and jamalo happen to be some of the folk songs from Pakistan.

In Kafi renditions, Abida Parveen, Pathaney Hamid Ali Bela and Iqbal Baho have excelled in this art. Ataullah Isakhelvi has developed his own style of folk music adding more variations to it. Alam Lohar and his son Arif Lohar have given unique style to Jugni singing with chimta as the main instrument.



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