A cursory view at Gandhara Civilization


Pakistan is that eye-pleasing and heritage-wise rich land, which allured Alexander the great from Macedonia in 326 B.C. with whom the Greek culture’s influence had come along to this land called Pakistan. Amidst the second century B.C., Buddhism had been adopted as the religion of state that burgeoned and subsisted here for more than 1000 years beginning from the second century B.C. till tenth century A.D. In the midst of this period, Taxila, Swat and Charsaddah (old Pushkalavati) emerged as the three vital centers for culture, trade and learning.

Then hundreds of monasteries and stupas got constructed with Greek and Kushan towns like Sirkap and Sirsukh both in Taxila. From these centers, a breath-arrestingly rare art of sculpture erupted widely fmous across the entire world as ‘Gandhara Art’. In today’s world, ‘Gandhara Sculptures’ grabs the noticeable places in the museums of U.K, France, Germany, USA, Japan, Korea, China, India and Afghanistan coupled with a number of collections worldwide as well as in Pakistan. The acme of Gandhara Art is the Fasting Buddha displayed in Lahore Museum.



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