Ghazal singing in Pakistan


Ghazal gayeki is on high heels in Pakistan and even has been emerging as the soothing genre of music in Pakistan since the outset. People of Pakistan, even in this modern day of pop and rock, love to stay with ghazal listening. Ghazal is that form of music that soothes the souls and injects the sugary pleasures in ears.

Ghazal singing is done in India and Pakistan and endless amount of listeners exist in this part of the world for this genre of music.

Pakistan has produced many world class ghazal singers and so has India!

Word ghazal has come from the word ghizaal that is an antelope. Ghazal derives from Qasida and it dates back to the tenth century and this form of music spread in the sub continent and south asia in 12th century under the influence of the Sultunates’s court.

Ghazal is written by showing the expressions of love for the lover. It is also penned for separation, sorrows and lonliness. The poet expresses the condition that he/she is going through in ghazal. Ghazal is written in couplets which share rhymes and each line of ghazal shares the same meter.

The ghazal singers are trained in classical form of music most of the time. They sing it either in khyal, dadra and thumri.

The prominent ghazal singer have been and are Mehdi Hasan, Ghulam Ali, Fraida Khanum, Noor Jehan, Amant Ali Khan, Nayyra Noor, Naheed Akhtar and others in Pakistan.

The famous ghazal poets include Ghalib, Fiaz Ahmad Faiz and Ahmad Faraz.




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