Gidda, the famous dance of Punjab

Gidda happens to be the famous folk dance of the province of Punjab. In this form of dance, the girls and women gather and make the circle to dance while clapping their hands and rendering the small couplets or boliyan, etc. Then among these girls two or three come up in the center to perform the dance.

In Gidda, these girls then start chanting the boliyan or bolis covering the themes like mockery on their husbands and mother in laws. Sometimes these girls start mockery on folk poetry, arguments with the sister-in-law and even political personalities.

Of all, one girl renders the boliyan and then the whole tempo goes up and all then begin dancing.

Gidda often carries mimicry as well. In this style, the girls begin mimicking the bridegroom, bride, quarrelsome sister-in-law and mother-in-law. Without any kind of music in the background or musical instrument, Gidda dance is performed. The girls wear the traditional costume like shalwar kameez or lehnga.

Indian students perform a Punjabi giddha


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