Hindu and Buddhist Architectural Heritage of Pakistan Part 10


1 – Kot Bala:


Balochistan, a beautiful southern province of Pakistan, has also some sites listed in the category of Hindu and Buddhist architectural heritage sites in Pakistan. Kot Bala is also among those few sites. It is located in Balochistan’s Lasbela District in Pakistan. Kot Bala is very famous Indus Valley Civilization site in the history which actually is the part of Sanmiani Bay’s interior part and located along the Lasbela coast. The partly excavation work of Kot Bala site was done in 1970s by the University of California, Berkeley’s Professor George F. Dales. But full details of this excavation have not been published yet. The proximity of this site to the Arabian Sea actually is the main reason of its importance, which was probably among main harbors of the ancient world traders used to sail.

2 – Lasbela or Las Bela:

Lasbela, which is also referred as Las Bela in the history documents, is among very famous districts of Balochistan, Pakistan. But it has another reason of fame which is its connection with the Hindu and Buddhist culture’s history in this region. It was a princely state until 1955 which originally was declared during British rules in India (later Pakistan). This princely state consists of around 18,254 square kilometers. Lasbela has an extensive coastline to the south on Arabian Sea.

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