Hindu and Buddhist Architectural Heritage of Pakistan – Part 4

The Heritage of Saraikistan:

1 – Bhutta Wahan:

Bhutta Wahan is a famous destination towards north of Rahim Yar Khan which is located at a distance of around 16 kilometers from this city, on the banks of lost river Hakra. This history claims that the village got its name from Raja Bhutta who became the king of this area after he captured this area from Raja Dahir. Some stories claim that the renowned heroine of famous local love tail Sassi-Pannun also got birth at this place. This village is also the birth place of Fiazi and Ab-ul-Fazal, the two notable personalities who were the son of Mullah Mubarik.

Bhutta Wahan

2 – Islamgarh Fort:

Islamgarh Forth is also recognized in the history as the Bhinwar Fort which was built in 1665 by famous Rawal Bhim Singh. You can see the proof on its gate which carries a statement in Babri characters that clearly stats “Samabat 1665, Maharaj Rawal Sri Bhim Sing Ji Maharaj”. Islamgarh Fort is actually the part of Tehsil Khanpur and is located in deserted Cholistan area. This Cholistan area has another famous fort i.e. Baghla Fort which is at a distance of around 46 kilometers from Islamgarh Fort. It is said about Islamgarh Fort that it is just about to fall and its dilapidated state.


3 – Mau Bubarik Fort:

It is clearly written in the Tarikh-e-Murad that there was a fort in Mau Bubarik which was built by Raj Hans Karar as his mother’s residence. Actually the word Mau is to represent a mother in the local language. Mau Bubarik Fort was later on taken over in 1525 CE by Shah Arghun who was Raj Sahasi 11’s six fortresses. There are 20 towers and bastions in this fort. The ramparts of Mau Bubarik Fort are described as around 549 meters in circumference. It was built with relatively thick as well as stronger walls at that time. Mau Bubarik is also famous from Saint Sheikh Hakim’s shrine among locals.

Bubank fort

4 – Pattan Minara:

Pattan Minara was once a very famous area of the Hindu and Buddhist architectures but now shows the scene of remains only. The remains of this historically famous city of Saraikistan area are located towards east south of Rahim Yar Khan at a distance of nearly 8 kilometers. The initial discoveries claimed this city the remains of Mauryan period and linked it back to 250 BC which was a notable Buddhish monastery at that time.

Pattan Minara

You may easily see the remains of some tunnels, a masjid and a fort just around the Pattan Minara. The excavation of these tunnels was started by Colonel Minchin (who is known in the history as the Ex-Bahawalpur state’s political agent and a British resident) around 110 years ago but he left this work for some still unknown reasons. Colonel Toy claimed Pattan Minara as the most prosperous city in 10 CE which served as a capital of Hindu state of that time. The city got destroyed by Fazal Elahi Khan Halani during 18th century who used the material of this fort in construction of Dingarh Fort and Bhagla Fort. He was the chief of Daupauta community.

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