Hindu and Buddhist Architectural Heritage of Pakistan – Part 7

5 – Butkara Stupa:

Swat is another area in Pakistan which is commonly regarded as an important Buddhist Stupa holding place in the region. It is said that the Mauryan emperor probably had built this Stupa whose name was Ashoka. But some other historians link it to slightly later dates of the second century BCE. The following centuries enlarged this Butkara Stupa on five different occasions and every time the developer built it from the start by demolishing the previous structure.

6 – Chrakdaa:

Chakdara is another prominent site in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa which is linked to ULP 008theHindu and Buddhist architectural heritage in Pakistan. This is a small town location in the region called Lower Dir District in this Pakistani province. Chakdara is located on the north bank of Swat River towards the north direction of Malakand city. Chakdara has a commanding position (geographically) as it is located at a place which is main point to enter into the Swat District or to enter into the above-mentioned Lower Dir District.

7 – Gandhara:

Gandhara, a prominent historical place in Pakistan, is commonly known as the name of an ancient kingdom which was named in the historical documents as Mahajanapada. This site is located mainly in northern areas of Pakistan and some of its part is also located in the eastern parts of Afghanistan. Majority of its area was located in Peshawar vale on the Kabul River as well as on the Potohar plateau.

The kingdom of Gandhara ruled this area for a long time till 11th century AD which actually was started emerging in this area in early 1st millennium BC. The tenure between 1st and 5th century was the peak point of this kingdom under the Buddhist Kushan Kings.

8 – Gor Khuttree or Gorkhatri:

Gor Khuttree which is also referred with the name Gorkhatri in the historical
documents, is literally meaning “Warrior’s Grave”. This historically famous site in Pakistan is located in the Peshawar city’s neighborhood area, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Sir Alexander Cunningham was the first person on Earth who identified this ancient city for the first time in Peshawar.


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