Ho Jamalo, the electrifying Sindhi song cum dance

Ho Jamalo, it is also called Hey Jamalo. It is much famous dance and is quite popular in the world like Gidda. Ho Jamalo happens to be a Sindhi dance and interprets the battle and folk legends of the province. On the events like festive seasons and the celebrations, Ho Jamalo is performed.

The song lets us know the saga of the legendary 18th century Sindhi warrior Jamal who had defended his country against the foreign invaders.

In Ho Jamalo song, the main vocalist sings the praises/verses of the warrior Jamlo’s bravery. While the dance is performed, the performers shout the word ‘Ho Jamalo’. These dancers go round the main vocalist while they do the simple dance steps. By the time, the song comes to the ends, it gets the momentum.



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