Descriptive View at Horse & Cattle Show


Horse & Cattle Show is supremely enticing, mind-blowing and mesmerizing cultural festival of Pakistan taking place every year in Lahore at the Fortress Stadium between the end of February till the beginning of March.

The show depicts country’s agricultural and industrial achievements. With much boisterous effects along, both local and foreign people attend this mammoth festival. On the festival that lasts for a week, the four provinces of Pakistan take part enthusiastically to showcase the best breeds of their livestock, agricultural advancement and industrial progress.

The festival consists of parades done by the military band, folk dances, horse riding tricks, motor bike tricks, parachute tricks, animals parade, horses and camels dances, polo matches, dog shows and their races, various stunts, exercises by the kids and industrial floats.

Mashal or Shama parade is done at night along with the brilliant fireworks which play magic with the souls.

Horse & Cattle Show had been launched by the army in order to project the cattle wealth of Pakistan in early fifties but soon it turned out to be the mega international event attracting every eye towards.



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