A look at Indus Valley Civilization


This land has also seen the wonderfully splendid time of the Indus Valley Civilization nearly 8000 years B.C. when the first most village got traced at Mehrgarh in the Sibi District of Baluchistan, which was comparable with the previous villages situated in Jericho in Palestine and Jarmo in Iraq. In 1980, with the efforts of Pakistani and French archeologists, the mud-built houses of the Mehrgarh were dug. They also excavated Mehrgarh people’s agricultural land famous for the cultivation maize and wheat, coupled with polished stone tools, beads and other ornaments, painted jars and bowls, drinking glasses, dishes and plates.

And undoubtedly this early beginning took it to the attentiveness and attention of the population into the small towns. This was the social and traditional swapping (exchange) which directed to the ascending of the popular cities of Moenjo Doro and Harappa laced with the gigantic concentration of population including artisans, craftsmen, businessmen and rulers.

This all resulted in the max out of the Indus Valley Civilization that was principally based on the rigorously irrigated agricultural land and abroad trade and contact with Iran, Gulf States, Mesopotamia and Egypt.

In order to store the river water, dams got starting to be built whereas the land got cultivated by means of bullock-harnessed plough, a system which still goes on in Pakistan. Then for storing the food, the granaries were constructed. In order to make the red pottery and different types of ornaments, the heating system got put into use to control the temperature. The people started trading their goods with Central Asia and Arab world.

Due to these trade profits, which enhanced the metropolitan laypeople who built up the novel sense of moral honesty, discipline and cleanliness together and enveloped with the social stratification where the pastors and the merchant class controlled and ruled the whole society.

By glancing a look at the city of Moenjo Doro, higher civilization’s true picture comes up. Moenjo Doro is called the first planned city in the entire globe where the streets are aligned straight, parallel to each other with cross streets cutting at right angles.

Archaeologists’ firm belief lies on the fact that the masses of Indus valley civilization got taught to use the metal for the very first time and from the first uprising of agricultural life. This early Bronze Age Culture stretches in the topography of Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab and North West Frontier Province of Pakistan.



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