Kafir Dances, the dance of Kalash Valley

The Kafir Dance is performed in the hill station of Pakistan, ‘Kalash’ – the much eye-pleasing, heart-hitting and stupendously gorgeous locale to be there. The residents of the place love dance and music. The main instruments, these people use in generating the music are drums and flutes. By using both, the churn out the music which is quite pleasing and magical to the ears.

In their traditional costumes, these people do the Kafir dance. The steps of the dance are quite simple – they put their arms in arms and then sway to the rhythm of sphreen flute, tumbruk (small drum played by hand) and dhol (big drum played by sticks).

The dance is accompanied by the sad songs in loud. The songs make the complaints of the old days when injustice was done to the residents of Kalash.

In this dance and music, there exist the four beats laced with slow and fast versions of each. The fast version of this dance and music is witnessed in weddings and festivals whereas the slower one is performed at deaths.


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