All about Kailash Valley Festivals


The eye-pleasing Kailash valleys are situated in the northern districts of Pakistan that is to say Chitral. The masses who reside there are Kalash and Kam, the prehistoric pagan tribe residing in three valleys of Bumburaite, Birir and Ramboor and they are widely known as Kafirs of Kailash (this is the name that was conferred to them by the Muslims since the y are non-believers or pagan).

It is said that these people of Kailash valley are the descendents of Alexander’s army that makes them the prehistoric tribe like as oldie as 2000 BC. Currently this valley possesses more than 3000 inhabitants. The language or the dialect they speak is the fusion of Dardic and Sanskrit.

It is much noticed and witnessed that the people of these valley happen to be the lovers of dance and music and in particular they are found dancing on festive events. During the year, they celebrate many festivals like the ones presented below. Foreigners and the people from the cities of Pakistan get mesmerized by their festivals and come to enjoy them.

Chowmas or Chitirmass is the festival that is celebrated between 18th to 21st December and it marks the New Year happiness and the first season of snow fall. This festival lasts for a week. On this festival, the men congregate in the mountains whereas the ladies in plains and then they sacrifice the goats. The people remain inside by feasting, drinking and merry making till the elders of the valley announce the beginning of the New Year. And then the real celebration takes place with light torches and dance performances.

Joshi or Chilimjusht gets celebrated with oomph on the 14th and 15th May and it marks the beginning of spring when the women and the gals of the valley go and pick the first flower of the year, a yellow species widely popular as bechu.

For the whole week prior to the festival’s coming, the milk is collected, butter and cheese are made. On the eve day, the residents go to each other and exchange the milk and milk products and flowers.

Utchal happens to be a two day celebrations that marks the harvest season of the wheat and barley. On this event, a lot of dancing and singing is witnessed.

Phool comes up in September or October and marks the reaping season of the grapes and walnut.

Wedding in this valley too are celebrated with dancing and songs.



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