Kathak Dancing, a Classical Form of Story Telling

Kathak dance is the one dance which is handsomely famous in every part of the world. Although it is performed in India and Pakistan, but it has fan following and popularity worldwide. The dance is utterly classy in every sense of the word and attracts to the eyes as well. To do this, the apt knowledge of the art and the passion cum mammoth training is required. It has its own designed steps and this is the dance that conveys the message – meaning through the dance you tell a story to the audiences out there, which is why Kathak has mammoth worth.

It is a classical folk dance of the Mughals. Kathak has been derived from the word Katha that means ‘story’ thus this dance does the story telling. Kathak is a ballad like elucidation of human drama.

The bols (words/ryhtmic syallbles) which the dancers speak while dancing have emerged as highly technical series of word pattern. The steps of the dance very technically, artistically and delicately performed. The facial expressions, movements of feet, hands and body, use of eyes and language of gestures are done skillfully.

The dancers are clad with brightly colored, tight fitted trouser beneath the angrakha styled bell-shaped shirt. The instrumental music is given behind and sometimes the singer renders the line to accompany the dance.  Tabla happens to be the most appropriate instrument to go with.

Maharaja Kathak (late), Nighat Choudhary and Naheed Siddique are the most prominent Kathak dancing figures who made their name internationally.

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