Landscape Painting in Pakistan

Landscape happens to be one of the forms of painting and it depicts the scenery of land, which is why it is called the landscape painting. Landscape painting is normally done on the land where the painter sits or stands on the land and makes the painting. The artist gets the opportunity to grab the physical and abstract elements of the nature spread in the surroundings like landforms, parks, greenery, flora, fauna, weather, mountains, forests and lighting.

In landscape painting, human activity too gets captured. Landscape painting is called the one of the most chief genre of art.

John Constable and JMW Turner are two of the outstanding British landscapists. Their landscape painting was termed as a vehicle for revolution in the Western Painting.

It is to be noted that in the landscape painting, lighting happens to be the much important factor. Pakistan’s most notable landscape painter is Khalid Iqbal.


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