Languages Spoken in Pakistan


The fruition and the enhancement of any language depends on the development and progress of a society where that particular language is spoken. Different attacks and triumphs which happen on some place make the effect on the place’s language.

Pakistan, the fertile land, is the one terra firma that became the eye-candy focus of many foreign races and empires in the midst of the course of its long history. It remains the fact that the sponge like quality of the sub continent of India was such that it appeared to be all geared up to absorb foreign traits under all invasions yet maintained its own unique individuality as well. Language appeared to be one such trait.

The residents of the Indian subcontinent were the ones who used to speak Sanskrit and finally use the words and dialects of the languages every successive interloper left behind by intermingling with their own language of the words of Sanskrit. This way many dialects and languages took place.

It is vivid that most of the languages which are spoken in Pakistan happen to be the boisterous part of the Indo-European family of languages.
Below are the languages, which are widely spoken in Pakistan.



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