Languages spoken in Northern Areas of Pakistan

There are a number of languages spoken in the northern areas of Pakistan. And most of the languages spoken in the northern areas belong to the Dardic group of Indo-Iranian branch of language.

Badeshi happens to be a language in northern areas that is now fast fading away in Pakistan since the speakers of this language is turning to Pashto now.

Burushaski: This one is spoken by nearly 2000 people in northern valleys like Hunza, Nagar, Yasin, Gilgit and in some parts of Northern Pakistan and Kashmir.

Balti: It is spoken in Baltistan and in some of the parts of Jammu and Kashmir.

Dogri: It is widely spoken in Jammu and Kashmir region.

Gojri: It is spoken by the Gujjars residing in north Pakistan.

Kashmiri: It is a regional language and is spoken in the valley of Jammu and Kashmir. This language has some other names also like keshur, keshir, kashmiri or kashiri.

Khowar: It is used and spoken in Chitral and in Yasin Valley.

Kalash: It is spoken in Kalash, Chitral and in Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan.


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