Luddi, a dance of celebration

Luddi dance’s popularity is much higher in Pakistan, India and even in the entire world due to the Pakistanis and Indians’ residing there in foreign lands. In actual, this is a dance performed in both of these countries. Especially it is dolled up in Punjab but has transcended in other parts of the countries.

Luddi is not a particular formed dance. It is a sign of celebration. When there is a celebration whether for victory, wrestling triumph or victory in Kabbaddi or any kind of celebration, Luddi is performed by the people.

Its history tells that Luddi dance is performed when the fields get prepared for sowing. ‘

Luddi’s steps are much simple and this dance can be performed without any kind of music. It can be performed by both men and women but women are considered to be more appropriate in this form of dance. They make a circle, clap the hands and snap the fingers moving the short jumps and half turns and then making the dance steps on the beats of the dholak.

This dance has carved a special niche for it in weddings especially in mehndi and dholki.



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