Markhor, National Animal of PakistanMarkhor, National Animal of Pakistan

Pakistan’s animal is none other than Markhor. Markhor belongs to the goat family and possesses the unique spiral horns. Marrkhor, the word, has been taken from the Persian language like Mar (meaning a snake) and Khor (meaning eating). Markhor is found in the wooded mountainous regions of the country and gazes grass, leaves and twigs, leaves of trees like Pistacia and evergreen oak.

Markhor is often seen standing on its hind legs. It is witnessed that Markhor’s coat ranges from the grayish light brown to black, which become silken and short in summer and then in winter turn long and thick.

This animal is unfortunately turning died out. Markhor’s main predators happen to be wolf, snow leopard, lynx and intensive hunting. In addition to Pakistan, Markhor is also found in other countries like Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.


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