Historical Monuments of Thatta


The World Heritage listed the remains of the city of Thatta in 1981. Thatts’s decrepit necropolis confers you with a view of the Sind civilization. Thatta being the capital of three successive dynasties, it later was ruled the Mughal emperors. It has emerged as a symbol of the splendid past of Sind right from the 14th to the 18th centuries A.D. In that era, the city of Thatta appeared to be one of the major seats of learning, fine arts and handicrafts.

The city is much rich with its architecture and bears the distinctive marks of its unusual lineage. Thatta’s trademark happens to be the diversity of forms and techniques of beautification. The masonry out there in this archeological city and on the buildings oozes out a superb example of craftsmanship.

But now this precious and hertitagely rich city needs attention, as the buildings, the tombs and the great necropolis over there are now in muddles. To protect this city and the remains of this city, The Department of Archaeology and Museums, Government of Pakistan, is held responsible for it and for the site’s maintenance and conservation.

Local and international experts of archeological had conducted a study a few years back on this matter. And as a result of this research, the amount needed for the conservation of Thatta is around US$ 63 million that is obviously far beyond the government’s resources.

Hope the city would be preserved.



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