Museums in Pakistan

Pakistan is laced with the eye-pleasing locales and the historical monuments and buildings. In addition to all, there exist larger number of museums as well, which instantly grab the eyeballs of the people and majority of the foreign travelers including the local residents as well are found visiting them. Below is the list of the museums existed in Pakistan:



1.                  Islamabad Museum, Islamabad.

2.                  Archaeological Museum, Taxila.

3.                  Archaeological Museum, Saidu Sharif, Swat.

4.                  Umerkot Fort Museum, Umerkot.

5.                  Archaeological Museum, Harappa.

6.                  Archaeological Museum, Banbhore.

7.                  Archaeological Museum, Moenjodaro.

8.                  Allama Iqbal Museum, Lahore.

9.                  Quaid-i-Azam, House Museum, Karachi.

10.              Quaid-i-Azam Birth Place, Karachi.

11.              National Museum of Pakistan, Karachi.

12.              Allama Iqbal Birth Place (Library & Museum) Sialkot.

13.              Rohtas Fort Museum, Rohtas Fort, Distt Juhlum.



1.                  Mohatta Palace Museum, Karachi.

2.                  Sadeqain Gallery at Frere Hall, Karachi.

3.                  Maritime Museum, Karsaz, Karachi.

4.                  P.A.F. Museum, Karachi.

5.                  Hyderabad Museum, Hyderabad.

6.                  Sindology Museum at Sindh University, Jamshoro.


1.        Lahore Museum, Lahore.

2.        Lahore Fort Museum, Lahore

3.        Kasur Museum, Kasur.

4.        Bahawalpur Museum, Bahawalpur.

5.        Science & Technology Museum, Lahore.

6.        Army Museum, Rawalpindi.


1.                   Peshawar Museum, Peshawar.

2.                   Dir Museum, Chakdara.


1.                  Quetta Museum, Quetta.


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