Harappa Heritage Pakistan

  Harappa is a large city of the Indus Civilization, and one of the best known Places in Pakistan, located on the bank of the...

Architecture of Pakistan

  Pakistan is a land of rich culture and history.Pakistani architecture includes various structures built during different time periods. Pakistani Architecture Includes Indus Valley civilization Buddhist and Hindu...

Lahore Museum

  Lahore Museum established in 1894.Lahore Museum located in The Mall road Lahore.Lahore Museum has collection of musical instruments, ancient jewellery, textiles, pottery and armory,Mughal...

Lahore City Pakistan

The City of Lahore is the capital of the Province Punjab. It occupies a central position, and is generally called "The Heart of Pakistan" CLEKY

Khewra Mines Pakistan

Khewra Salt Mines is a salt mine located in Khewra , Jhelum District , Punjab in Pakistan. seo web directory