Pakistani Film Music


Where the music is heard quite a lot in Pakistan, the Pakistani film’s music too gets the hearing. Although in the past or decades back, this music had the worth and people used to love buying the filmi music albums but since the time, the vulgarity has taken its place in the music of Pakistani films, the film music has lost its worth. Nonetheless there is a certain section of people, who still love to hear it.

Pakistani film industy is called Lollywood and is situated in Lahore. The film industry is taking last breaths these days and so is the music. Well, the femals voice has been the dominant force in Pakistani film music since the outset. Previosuly Madam Noor Jehan was dominating the scene and these days the likes of Nasebo Lal and Azra Jahan do the same.

Famous musicians of Pakistani film industty include Khawaja Khurshid Anwar, Ustad Inayat Hussain, G.A. Chishti, Rashid Attre, Ustad Tasadduq, Master Abdullah, Firoze Nizami, Tufail Farooqi, Nisar Bazmi and Ustad Nazar.



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