Note on the Polo Festival at Shandur


From 7th to 9th July each year, the Shandur Polo Festival is conducted at the Shandur Pass of Chitral district. The teams which participate in the festival include Chitral and Gilgit. This festival has turned traditional and is loved to be visited by the people in the country and even grabs the attention of the foreigners.

In the enticing and boisterous game of polo, people gather in vast quantity in order to support their favorite teams. In addition to the match, this traditional festival offers the visitors the fishing opportunity in nearby streams and lakes. Other interest quotients include mountaineering, trekking, hiking and horseback riding. The chief interesting things are the festival of folk dances and music of the Northern Pakistan.

In order to promote the local culture, the souvenir shops and the craft shops are there, they become the central attraction to the visitors.

In the 13th century, the game of polo was introduced by the Muslims conquerors. Polo possesses its origin in Central Asia where it used to be the kind of training game for cavalry units for the King’s guards. In the sixth century A.D., ultimately this game emerged as the national game of Persians. The Polo word happens to be the English counterpart of the world Baltic meaning ‘ball’.

Way back in 1936, the first tournament of polo was conducted at Shandur Pass. In Northern Pakistan, polo game is much liked.



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