Pop Art on Wheels in Pakistan

Pop Art of Wheels is seen much all over Pakistan. This is the art that is not only eye-pleasing but also convey messages and does publicity. This art can be seen on trucks, rickshaws and buses. Pop Art on Wheels adds pleasing colors and joviality to our transport system.

In Pakistan, trucks and rickshaws happen to be the most unique form of transport, the whole world has ever witnessed.

These vehicles are adorned in such a manner that they simply reflect the wealth, taste and the status of the vehicle’s owner.

The designs of this art form on the vehicles range from flowers to bouquets to poetry, quotes to ads. The landscapes too are witnessed.

Whether the lightening is in English or Urdu, the fact remains that it is always lavish. With the pop art on wheels, every part of the truck gets adorned. Truck, in particular, is the biggest example of the pop art on the wheels. The truck is decorated inside as well especially the driver’s seat. It is estimated that the external decoration of the truck costs around 3,000 to 5,000 Rs.

Just like the trucks, the body of rickshaw gets also painted in bright fluorescent colors. It is decorated with flowers and whimsical landscapes.

The messages behind the rickshaws are what send simply joys for the readers.

At the back of the petrol tankers, the pop art on wheels is also seen. There are landscapes painting, lakes, mountains and the stuff on them.



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