Pop/Rock Music in Pakistan


Pop music is colossally heard across the globe and the younger generation would love to get injected this music into their ears. This music gels well with the youngsters on the block. Pop music in Pakistan got its roots much later than the rest of the world but once it started rolling on the scene in Pakistan, it grabbed the huge fan following in the country.

In the era of 80s, Pakistani nation used to hear the songs of the artists like Alamgir, Runa Laila, Muhammad Ali Shehki, Benjamin Sisters and Nazia & Zoheb Hasan. These artsists’ songs were placed into pop music genre. Thus they are safely be called the pioneers of pop music in Pakistan.

The songs such as ‘Dekha Na tha’ and ‘Disco Deewaney’ took the whole nation by storm. The pop music was then born in the country having the biggest fan following.

In 90s era, when Vital Signs band sang ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’, the whole nation got simply crazy after it  and pop music saw more heights and this gave number of new bands to emerge on the scene like Junoon and Strings.

Today all Pakistani pop groups and pop stars have international fan following.

The most prominent pop/rock music singers or bands include: Vital Sign, Awaaz, Junoon, Jupiters, Abrar-ul-Haq, Adnan Sami Khan, Ali Azmat, Call, Fuzon, Junoon, Karavan, Mekaal Hasan Band, Mizraab, Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, Ali Haider, Faakhir, Junaid Jamshed, Hadiqa Kiyani, Sajjad Ali, Strings and Fariha Pervez etc.



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